One pound of preserved green moss

Green Preserved Moss

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Enhance Your Floral Designs with our Green Preserved Moss

Green Preserved Moss. This natural moss has been preserved and will look beautiful for many years,perfect by itself or in arrangements, potted plants and other decor. Maintance free preserved using non-toxic ingredients. Do not water. Not for outside use. One lb box

Weight 1 lbs.

Box size is 10"x 6"

Our green preserved moss is an essential part of your floral supplies, bringing a fresh and natural aesthetic to any floral design. Whether it's a bouquet for a wedding or a centerpiece for a dinner party, the addition of our green preserved moss will definitely elevate your creations.

When using with fresh flowers this moss effectively offers longevity and moisture to your arrangements, so that you can prepare your designs ahead of time without worrying about wilting and dying plants.

Our green preserved moss is easy to use and versatile, allowing for creative flexibility in your designs. Whether you're a professional florist or a DIY enthusiast, you'll find our green preserved moss an indispensable part of your floral supplies. Choose our green preserved moss and take your floral arrangements to the next level.