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About Endless Blossoms

Endless Blossoms carries both Preserved flowers for the do-it-yourself designers and handmade wreaths that last for more than a year, and are almost maintenance free,  View our online shop where you will find two brands of preserved roses and our line of handmade preserved leaf wreaths made using only the highest quality materials.   

 Care and maintenance 

Taking care of long-lasting preserved products is simple and easy. To make sure that your preserved items last more than a year please read the following instructions. Note that preserved greenery and flowers are not edible!

Do not water preserved flowers. Avoid placing preserved roses in damp areas as high humidity can cause damage.  Preserved roses  are not meant for outside use. Preserved wreaths may be hung on a exterior door with protective storm. .Avoid direct natural sunlight.Try not to touch preserved flowers too much – just like fresh flowers, they can get damaged.  To remove dust use a hair-dryer on the lowest, coolest setting  

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